NLP Power Affirmations

Affirmations are a great resource for change, but you need the RIGHT affirmations to see powerful results. NLP Power Affirmations use loaded questions, meta-stating and “slight of tongue” techniques to bypass your mind’s critical thinking, appealing directly to your subconscious. The results can be felt almost immediately, and build progressively over time. Many of the sessions are available in three versions:

1) Standard Dual Induction Affirmations – You’ll hear every affirmation consciously, often overlapping from the left and right sides. Headphones/earbuds are recommended for these sessions.

2) Subliminal Affirmations – You’ll hear the gentle sound of rain, with the affirmations just below the threshold of intelligibility. Excellent for sleep learning or in the background while working.

3) High Speed Affirmations -Audible Affirmations  with the same NLP Power packed into brief 8 minute sessions. If you’re always on the go, you’ll love these micro-sessions, and the way they make you feel.

All sessions are downloadable in MP3 format, ready to play in your phone, iPad or virtually any media player or mobile device. You can find out more at eMarket, click here for more.

Self-Help Credit Repair

Performing Credit Repair On Your Own (What To Do And What Not To Do).

If you have just lately been turned down for a loan, or for a new credit card, you may be in need of credit repair. You have either managed your credit poorly, which has reflected in your credit report; or your credit file has some erroneous items, thus negatively impacting your report.


Here is a strategy to help with your credit repair. You can do this on your own and can thus repair your credit for free.

– Request a copy of your credit report from any one of the 3 credit bureaus. If this is your first request of the year, you will be given the report for free.

– Once you have your report, examine it closely. You have to study all the entries and mark all those which are incorrect and which are damaging your credit worthiness.

– After you have determined the wrong entries, you have to contact the credit reporting agencies and tell them to delete the erroneous entries from your report.

– Even if there are some correct entries in your credit report, but these are negative in nature, you could still get them removed. This would go a long way in ensuring credit repair. There is a certain time limit for which negative entries can stay on your report (usually between seven and 10 years). If such time limit has passed, you should write to the credit bureaus to delete the negative items from your report.

– Ensure that all your correspondence with the credit companies and agencies is through registered mail. This way, you have proof of your requests and also when exactly you initiated the process of your credit repair. Keeping a record will also help you in case any deleted entry is re-included in your report anytime in the future.

– Within 30 days, some action should have been taken regarding the wrong items on your report. If the credit bureaus determine that the entries were in fact wrong, they will remove it from your report, thus bringing about the credit repair that you were after.

In case the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should continue challenging the items on your report till such time that credit repair has indeed occurred.


People whose credit report is very low or who have a bad credit report often try desperate means to repair credit and thus end up hurting their credit even more. Most of the information available on credit score repair and credit report repair tells you what to do to restore good credit. We will tell you about some of the things that you should NOT do in order to repair bad credit.

File Segregation: Many credit repair companies lure people with the false promises of bad credit repair by telling them that they can create a new credit file for them by issuing them a new identity. Thus, no matter what any credit repair company tells you – things like you will not be able to get any loans or even a credit card for the next few years, or that you will not be able to get a job etc; under no circumstances should you agree to the process of file segregation to repair bad credit.

Deleting accurate information from credit report: Some credit repair agencies make claims to people that they can repair credit by getting accurate information of a negative nature deleted from their credit reports, thus improving their credit rating. Thus, you should not trust anyone who tells you that they can repair bad credit by removing negative items from your credit report.

Advance Payments: No credit repair agency is legally allowed to ask for advance payments. Thus, you should NOT be taken in by any company who wants high advance payments.

If you need assistance with debt counseling or you just need someone else to help you repair your credit visit Cambridge Credit Repair.

NLP UnderCurrents

The NLP Undercurrents audio sessions use a combination of technologies to achieve the deepest, most “open” and suggestive mental state possible. Using NLP language patterns, multi-layered subliminal suggestions, ultra-low frequency brainwave entrainment and “bi-lateral” sound movement, these audio sessions create powerful a hypnotic and meditative state, guaranteed to shift your perspective!

NLP UnderCurrents sessions come in several different flavors, and are perfect for meditation, deep relaxation, re-programming and overcoming many issues. The sleep sessions have also proven to be very potent and effective (never use while driving or anytime you need to stay awake).

Social Skills: Sleep Reprogramming

This amazing 60 Minute looping audio session features powerful NLP imagery and suggestions of social finesse, confidence and charm. Social Skills is designed to be played all night while you sleep, to provide you with hours of high intensity re-programming, even though you’ll barely be aware of it!

Recommended for social anxiety, social phobia or “shyness,” the Social Skills session is like nothing out out there. Notice how you feel somehow “lighter” in the morning after using it!

EasyCalm: The Original Anxiety Relief Video Series

The EasyCalm anxiety video series has become something of a phenomenon online. The series spread primarily by word of mouth among anxiety sufferers, and now has over 30,000 users worldwide. The popularity of EasyCalm also thrust Jon into the public eye in a way he never expected:

“At first I felt vulnerable and exposed talking about such personal issues to a worldwide audience.  With time this became less of a problem as I recognized that the anxiety I had dealt with so many years was extremely common — thousands of people from all over the world began e-mailing and telling me how similar their situation was to mine.”  – Jon Mercer

EasyCalm users often feel a personal connection with Jon,  something apparent in a recent testimonial by an EasyCalm user in Boston, MA:

Hi Jon, I can never thank you enough for changing my life. EasyCalm works better than anything else I have tried over the 19 years that I have suffered with anxiety and panic, debilitating at times. After my first panic attack in 1990, I was prescribed Klonopin which I took daily for about four months until seeking help from a psychologist who specialized in panic and anxiety disorders. That was four months of lethargy and 40 extra pounds added to my body. Over the years I would still get symptoms, a few years ago while sitting in my living room having dinner and watching TV, I started having what turned into a full blown panic attack. Why? Once I fully settled down I went to the computer and googled panic attacks and anxiety hopeful that I could find a solution that would work my mind the right way without drugs. I found EasyCalm and decided to give it a try. All I can say is that within days my symptoms disappeared! The Recharger mp3 is on my ipod whenever I have to travel by aircraft. I have passed the word of EasyCalm to everyone I know who suffers from panic and anxiety. Several have used it with the great success that I’ve had with it.  Jon, you deserve an honorary PHD for what you do/ have done for so many. A life without symptoms is a life much better lived…I’m living proof of this! Thank you again Jon so much.

Boston, MA