Big Fat Cash Money!

Big Fat Cash Money is the amazing little wealth attraction video that took the web by storm (especially on Youtube). This 20 minute mega-subliminal guided wealth visualization video was previously only available with the deluxe version of the AttractAnything Series. Now, for the first time, we’re offering “the little wealth video that could” on it’s own. Big Fat Cash Money uses literally millions of video and audio subliminal suggestions to overwhelm you with feelings of wealth, abundance and success.

A special¬† layering process enables us to pile on thousands of pro-wealth text and audio subliminal affirmations along with a guided wealth visualization that will “suck you in” to a world of opulence and success. Thousands of users can’t be wrong! You can definitely “feel”¬†the money attracting effects of using the video, and your attitude about money and abundance will never be the same. The video includes both Windows and Mac versions for easy compatibility. And for a limited time you can save 50% off the retail price by ordering direct from the link below. Don’t miss out!