EasyCalm: The Original Anxiety Relief Video Series

The EasyCalm anxiety video series has become something of a phenomenon online. The series spread primarily by word of mouth among anxiety sufferers, and now has over 30,000 users worldwide. The popularity of EasyCalm also thrust Jon into the public eye in a way he never expected:

“At first I felt vulnerable and exposed talking about such personal issues to a worldwide audience.  With time this became less of a problem as I recognized that the anxiety I had dealt with so many years was extremely common — thousands of people from all over the world began e-mailing and telling me how similar their situation was to mine.”  – Jon Mercer

EasyCalm users often feel a personal connection with Jon,  something apparent in a recent testimonial by an EasyCalm user in Boston, MA:

Hi Jon, I can never thank you enough for changing my life. EasyCalm works better than anything else I have tried over the 19 years that I have suffered with anxiety and panic, debilitating at times. After my first panic attack in 1990, I was prescribed Klonopin which I took daily for about four months until seeking help from a psychologist who specialized in panic and anxiety disorders. That was four months of lethargy and 40 extra pounds added to my body. Over the years I would still get symptoms, a few years ago while sitting in my living room having dinner and watching TV, I started having what turned into a full blown panic attack. Why? Once I fully settled down I went to the computer and googled panic attacks and anxiety hopeful that I could find a solution that would work my mind the right way without drugs. I found EasyCalm and decided to give it a try. All I can say is that within days my symptoms disappeared! The Recharger mp3 is on my ipod whenever I have to travel by aircraft. I have passed the word of EasyCalm to everyone I know who suffers from panic and anxiety. Several have used it with the great success that I’ve had with it.  Jon, you deserve an honorary PHD for what you do/ have done for so many. A life without symptoms is a life much better lived…I’m living proof of this! Thank you again Jon so much.

Boston, MA