Scavenger Hunts Build Self-Esteem

The Descriptions and Answers to the Washington Post Hunt Puzzle


The Washington Scavenger HuntThe moderator starts with a small oration. He says we’ve a huge issue for which we need a remedy, and to do that, we must begin from the origin and go from there. He then introduces the two debaters and says, “Let’s take our directions from them.” He says they’ll now take questions in the appropriate sequence.

The crowd asks them questions and then one or two of them answers. One will always reply with some variation of extreme conservatism, as well as the other will always reply with extreme lefty rhetoric.

On the map is a tree, where you should start as well as where the roots of the tree are. There is a jazz saxophonist on the map with notes. So you visit the origin and face the saxophonist (the music). Then you move forward, turning left or right depending on the sequence in which questions are being answered by the two extreme pols.

Starting from the root you had carry on toward the music, you make the subsequent turns: left, right, left, right, left, taking you to 11th Street, just below F. (Note that you do not have to walk, you can only do this on the map). At the destination, you’ll notice a truck parked using a huge advertisement for the IODINE in 13% SOLUTION of LEFTY. We SAID you’d arrive at the answer. The solution to this puzzle is 13.


In McPherson Square, there will be a giant nose (about 8-feet high in the point) sticking out of the earth, as if a man were underground and buried up to the bridge of the nose.

Clues lead to new placesAlso at this spot, there will be volunteers passing out catches, with an insight demonstrating where to append the catch (in the midsection, over the stomach area). The catches will say “Discover ME.” Hunters need to look in the guide and comprehend that delineated on the guide are goliath feet, staying up from the earth the same as the nose (and moreover the same shading). The feet are gravitated toward eleventh St. NW. Seekers need to decide the feet and nose that speak to the body parts of precisely the same and in instructing them to “discover” the “midsection catch,” we intend to go halfway between the nose and feet (Franklin Square). Should they go there, they’re going to see a sign that peruses:

Select the correct verbs, and then add up the word values of the SCRABBLE:

Gamble, perambulate, laugh (9), tumble, rub (5), finagle, pain (9), dancing (8), excursion, flop (9), purchase, steam
The “appropriate verbs” are the ones usually used with gut, to wit: laugh (Scrabble word score of 9), wipe (Scrabble word score of 5), pain (Scrabble word score of 9), dancing (Scrabble word score of 8) and flop (Scrabble word score of 9). Add up the scores to get the option: 40.


In advancement on the stage is a spelling honey bee. The contenders need to spell the right letters. The right letters will spell fifty two. 52 isn’t a potential arrangement.

On the guide, there are twelve vehicles of different types — trains, race autos, subs, planes, and so on — all with numbers and letters on them. One of these is a B52 — the aircraft fly that is notorious. This truly is the thing that the spelling honey bee is letting you know: BEE 52. The sum on the fuselage of the plane says X5. 52X5 equivalents 260 and that is the answer.


Hunters were given a link to Bubbli picture, a 360 degree picture of F Street where it intersects with 9th Road. Hunters have to check for the most significant difference. The most important difference is the fact that in the Bubble, the Pi symbol in the signal over the Pi Pizzeria was transformed into a large check mark. This really is what we meant when we said “check” for a difference. The difference is the Pi symbol, which equals 3.1416. The option on the clue page is clue #31416.

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